Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here is the 3rd assignment for the Dark Shadowz comp:

Well. Assignment 3 was "Undead" showing a creepy zombie/undead model. I don't ever watch zombie movies! I just can't make myself LOL   But I gave it my best shot for this comp; went WAY beyond my comfort zone :)

 I hadn’t been out of the house since Bo died. Now, I found myself wandering the streets of downtown. As I turned down the main street of town, heading for the old abbey ruins, snatches of conversations reached my ears from time to time; odd comments.
“The whole town is getting sick!”
“Is it a plague?”
“Everyone is disappearing…..”

I listened and discarded them from my tired mind yet still noticing that there were a lot less people in town on a Friday. Usually, families were here; seeing a movie or a game, having dinner, or a bunch of friends just hanging out together. Right now, there were just a few people randomly scattered about and the look on those faces was wariness or fear.
I kept walking, leaving town behind me. I still loved the abbey ruins but hadn’t been able to go after Bo was gone. Tonight would be the first time. It had been special because no one else ever came out here. It was our place; where we could be ourselves and no one else intruded. We found a kind of peace amidst the crumbling, overgrown ruins.
Fingers of fog had slowly begun to creep inland from the coast down below. I wrapped my arms around myself to try and keep warm as the temperature abruptly plummeted. Looking around, I realized I was far from town now and those snatches of conversation suddenly came back to me. What had they been talking about? Were people in town really all getting sick—and from what? I quickened my pace to reach the ruins; as if they would protect me from……something.


Where was I? What had happened?
As awareness slowly returned, I looked around me. Everything looked so strange to me now; blurry and strange. I saw dirty, bloody walls with writing on them, strange devices, and there were shrouded shapes on the floor. I choked then—what was that awful smell? I started to notice things about myself, too. My skin felt strange: tight and loose all at the same time. Something was dripping down my leg, too. The thoughts in my head didn’t make sense either and it was getting hard to focus.
Random thoughts flashed through my brain…….infect……kill…….flesh……eat.
My mind whirled with confusion and fear—what was happening to me?
I looked down and gagged. My skin was grey and it was falling apart. I could see bones and tears; fresh blood seeped down my leg. I slowly took in my surroundings in detail. It was the old asylum way outside town; closed down long before I had been born. There were bodies covered with sheets and blood by my feet.

What had I done?
Blood was everywhere—bloody handprints and smears on the wall, puddles of it at my feet, in my mouth. IN. MY. MOUTH.
Blood……mmmmmm, blood.

My last coherent thought before I succumbed to the zombie plague…..

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