Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here is my new close-up shot of Nisha; my model for DS: comp photo for the assignment:

I have my story but I need to go back and fix it as I changed it a little :)
Well, I made it into the Fantasie comp...YAY! So excited about this---I LOVE fantasy ;) Whether I can keep up with all these fabulous entrants is another thing. I am also working on my first pose :/   Having a tough time with the fingers and the arm bent upwards looks funky. Practice, practice! I have this idea for my fantasy pic and need this pose!

Also working on my DS assignment #7. It is steampunk goth in this round. I already have my pic and I LOVE it! I took a head shot of my model because she looks so cool :)  Assignment #6 was to make a creepy gothic doll. I did but wasn't terribly happy with my shot. At least it wasn't an elimination round!

I finished my assignment for Delectable, too. The theme was Spring and there were two extra words: ladybug and black cat. I didn't really think outside the box but some did!!! Such awesome entries :)