Saturday, April 28, 2012

Well, I just got eliminated from Dark Shadowz......I guess I should be a little disappointed. But....I am not! I was so happy to have made it so far in the competition that I am okay with it. Besides, I am still pretty safe when it comes to making photos and I really think I need to step outside my comfort zone. I was ranked up there with some major talented people so I count myself fortunate to have gotten that far! It was totally amazing and I learned sooooo much! On to more competitions :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I also have a couple of ads I have done.

One for jeans:

One for a watch:

This was for nail polish:

I have also done some random shots for fun :)

This one I edited from 6 different photos.

My model for SFNTF is Roxanne Wolfe.

Some fashion shots of her:

as a blonde:

WARNING!!! Nekid pixels in this post

There have been 5 assignments for Fantasie and we are now on the finale! So quickly time goes by :)

Here are the photos for that competition.

assign 1: Dark Magic

assign 2: Fallen Angel

assign 3: Vampire Masquerade

 assign 4: Transformation
I chose a werewolf cuz I love wolves :)

assign 5: Goddess
Mine was Hecate

So far we have had 6 assignments for Delectable. There is one main key word and sometimes 3 challenge words. Here are my photos:

assign 1: Spring
Challenge words were flower, ladybug, black cat

assign 2: Favorite room in the house
Challenge words were lemon, books, silk

assign 3: Circus
no challenge words

 assign 4: Burlesque
challenge words: music, dancing, innocence

assign 5: Black and White
challenge words: dread, paisley,?? (will post when I remember!)

assign 6: Natural
no challenge words

Here are my photos from Dark Shadowz. They include assignment 8 to the current assignment 12.

assignment 8: Broken

assignment 9: Connection

assignment 10: Tears

assignment 11: Innocence

assignment 12: Goth Princess
I got Belle of Beauty and the Beast

Update :)

Things have been sooo crazy lately with work and school, there just hasn't been time to update and I am sooo behind!

I am now on assignment 12 for Dark Shadowz, Fantasie is on the finale, and Delectable is on assignment 6. I have also entered a model for the Search for the Next Fashionista which will be on Cycle 2. That was my very first modeling comp and it would be so awesome to make it in again! I am almost done with school, too! At the end of July I will finish with my medical transcription certificate and then I will go back for Billing and Coding. Such a glutton for punishment :)  I am going to post some of my photos from the competition assignments and I am also thinking about putting downloads for my sims on here. Stay tuned!