Thursday, January 26, 2012

First assignment from Goth comp: Face hidden

 So, this assignment was "Hidden"; making sure the model's face wasn't seen.
We also have to write a story with each picture:

 The lantern banged awkwardly against her thigh as she ran with reckless abandon to the deserted and forsaken abbey. Tossing it behind her on the ground, she collapsed onto her knees and grasped her hair as she screamed; pouring out her anguish to the skies. In an instant, her only friend—and if truth be told, what she now knew was probably the love of her life; her heart—was gone. He had vanished in an instant and now she would never see his precious face, listen to his laughter or share his pain again. She had fled all the way here from town to these ruins that had been their sacred place. It was the only place where they felt complete and whole, away from all the people in their lives who were supposed to know them best; yet had never understood them at all. They were each other’s world. How was she supposed to go on alone?

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